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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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66 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace Aerospace The capital region: competence center for aviation, aerospace and drones The capital region is Germany’s third-largest aerospace competence center. Here, the technical excellence extends to more than just the traditional area of aviation that was founded by Otto Lilienthal over 120 years ago, but also to aerospace and the relatively recent discipline of drone technologies. Leading European location in areas of the aviation industry Brandenburg especially is home to major players in the aviation industry. In this respect, the region is particularly specialised in the fields of: • engine development and manufacturing, • light aircraft construction, and • aircraft maintenance and repair. The region is among Europe’s leading locations in the development and manufacture of engines. Prime contractors that shape the market like Rolls-Royce Germany and MTU Maintenance, as well as Lufthansa Bombardier Aviation Services with its focus on the maintenance and refurbishment of business jets, are situated here. The market movers in the Berlin aviation sector primarily possess expertise in: • the use of renewable energies for air transport, • software development for aircraft and aviation infrastructures, • the development and production of electroacoustic components used in aviation. Numerous small to medium-sized enterprises (e.g. aireg - Aviation Initiative for Renewable Energy in Germany e. V., PACE Aerospace Engineering and Information Technology GmbH, Holmco Holmberg GmbH) and prestigious research and education institutions (e.g. TU Berlin) are represented here. Regional drone technologies are taking the market by storm Unmanned aerial systems for civilian purposes now complement the more established activities, and this market segment is characterised by a wide, dynamic range of applications and services. Over 60 actors in the areas of research (e.g. TH Wildau, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, the European Aviation Security Center), development (e.g. sitebots GmbH, GmbH), and application (e.g. Airteam, FLIGHTCOPTER Flying Camera Systems GmbH, 360° inspections GmbH) have contributed to the capital region becoming one of the leading locations for unmanned aviation. Future vision: Berliners fly to the moon The segment of microsats has traditionally shaped the regional aerospace sector. Three regional players manufacture complete small satellites: Astro-Feinwerktechnik GmbH, Berlin Space Technologies and TU Berlin. TU Berlin has more satellites in orbit than any other university in the world. A growing number of Berlin-based start-ups are conquering this young market under the heading ‘New Space’. For instance, Part-Time Scientists in co-operation with AUDI plan to send two rovers to the moon to visit the landing site of Apollo 17 in 2018 alone. Over 30 companies, training centres (e.g. beSpace GmbH) and research centres (e.g. DLR) at home in the capital region are reaching for the stars. Their diverse expertise and specialisations create an integral, interdisciplinary, and regional competence center for aerospace technologies and applications. Berlin-Brandenburg Aerospace Alliance: A powerful aviation and aerospace network in the region On a regional level, the industry network BBAA (Berlin- Brandenburg Aerospace Allianz e. V.) has joined with cluster management to continue strengthening the region in selected areas of aviation and aerospace. Seeking to bolster competitiveness in the various areas within green aviation, BBAA coordinates and supports established R&D cooperation specifically in the fields of more energy-efficient aircraft, fuel-efficient propulsion systems, and the use of lightweight materials.

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and Logistics – Aerospace | 67 YOUR PARTNER FOR SERVICES WITH DRONES “A maximum of cost efficiency combined with high security and high resolution images” 360° inspections GmbH provides planned and event-driven inspections by multicopters, specific camera technologies and sensors for all types of buildings such as residential and industrial buildings, bridges, towers, chimneys, masts, dams, etc. The service portfolio also includes the inspection of wind power plants (onshore/offshore) and the inspection of power lines. In addition, 360° inspections offer not only project planning, tracking, and post-processing of the visual material but also expert reports and the implementation of maintenance plans. Stefan Opitz, managing director: “Our customers pay high amounts for the maintenance of their property in order to make sure that the traffic safety is maintained and energy losses are minimised. Conventional inspection methods are in most cases time- and cost-intensive. With the help of multicopters, inspections can be carried out faster, more securely, with less effort, and also with less inconvenience. The result is that our service provides maximum cost efficiency combined with high security and high resolution images.” Benefits of inspections with UAS: • Faster: reduction of inspection time by 50% to 70% when compared to standard procedures • Safer: use of drones in danger areas instead of staff • Minimised efforts: reduction of scaffolding, lifting platforms or rope access • Minimised disturbance: inspections during operation, less breakdown time • Better: high-resolution photo and video recording, for live-view as well as saved files – even the smallest damages can be detected • Documented: experts will be able to work with a comprehensive set of information regarding the condition of the building: live on-site or anytime later at any place off-site • Flexible: short lead times, fast moving on site • Everywhere: regardless of topology and height • Conclusion: maximum cost efficiency combined with highest safety and precise images/data Stefan Opitz, managing director Services • Inspection of buildings and structures • Long-term condition monitoring of buildings etc. • Power plant inspections • Inspection of chemical and other industrial facilities • Inspection of wind power parks (onshore/offshore) • Inspection of overhead power lines • Several other inspections with drones • Issue of expert reports, and determination of reconditioning plans • Autonomous indoor flights of chimneys, flue gas ducts, tunnels etc. Contact 360° inspections GmbH Garzauer Chaussee 1a 15344 Strausberg +49 3341 3088579 +49 3341 3088580

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