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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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62 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics In Berlin-Schönefeld, UNITAX runs a 20,000-m 2 -large logistics facility for pharmaceutical products Logistics that work – UNITAX-Pharmalogistik UNITAX stores and transports sensitive pharmaceutical and medical-technology products – securely, reliably and in temperature-controlled conditions The market for pharmaceutical products is large and international. Pharmaceuticals travel long distances before they arrive at pharmacies, clinics and with patients. To ensure their quality, manufacturers, distributors and logistics service providers have to comply with strict conditions. UNITAX-Pharmalogistik meets all the requirements for the responsible handling of medical products and drugs. In February 2015, UNITAX was the first German service provider to the pharmaceutical industry to be awarded an official GDP (Good Distribution Practice) certificate in reco g- nition of its compliance with the strict guidelines of the EU Commission. UNITAX is certified according to GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and GSP (Good Storage Practice) and complies with the specifications of the German Ordinance on the Production of Pharmaceuticals and Active Substances (AMWHV) and the German Medicines Act (AMG) for human medicine and veterinary medicines. Founded in 1991 by André Reich, the familyowned company currently employs 135 people at its sites in Berlin-Schönefeld (headquarters), Berlin-Adlershof and Nuremberg. Transport UNITAX offers officially-audited, temperaturecontrolled transport processes (GDP). For distribution, we use more than 40 company-owned specialist pharmaceutical vehicles. Storage We store raw materials, medicines, water-polluting substances and narcotics in defined climate areas (ambient: 15–25 °C, cold: 2–8 °C and -20 °C) that are subject to special security measures. In Berlin, we have more than 20,000 m² and in Nuremberg more than 9,000 m² of warehouse and logistics space available. Manufacturing As a GMP-certified pharmaceutical logistics provider with its own manufacturing authorisation in accordance with Section 13 AMG, we accept processing work such as repackaging, labeling, banding, coding, folding and printing variable data. Cleaning In pharmaceutical logistics, bulk containers and pallets must meet high standards of hygiene. We ensure the cleanliness of the transport means using a modern cleaning system and documented processes. Services • Transport: national and international, temperature-controlled in specialist pharmaceutical vehicles • Storage: defined climate areas, special narcotic drug warehouse • Manufacture: Packaging, serialisation • Cleaning of the transport means • New: Sampling – analysis of active substances and drugs Contact UNITAX-Pharmalogistik GmbH An den Gehren 1 12529 Berlin-Schönefeld +49 30 338438100 +49 30 338438139

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics | 63 Wireless Logistics Monitoring for Digital Supply Chain Wireless, autarkic, mobile – Virtenio puts sensor data for process analysis, live optimisation and quality verification in the cloud For logistics and transport applications, VIRTENIO uses secure, wireless technology to put sensor data in the cloud. VIRTENIO technology transmits relevant information from poorly accessible locations or mobile objects live and encrypted to the web, making it available from anywhere in the world via app or browser. With VIRTENIO technology, customers can detect damage, boost quality, reduce costs and improve process understanding – 24/7! To do this, VIRTENIO offers the Preon-Solutions toolkit for wireless remote monitoring. It enables customers to combine the components required for their own modules and needs with a simple and compatible complete solution. In addition to wireless sensor devices (PreonCubes), the toolkit contains mobile radio and satellite gateways (PreonGates). Additionally, VIRTENIO also provides live web portal, email alerts and reports in the form of the PreonLive supplementary services. it possible to allocate damage responsibility, verify quality conditions or exertion of influence during transport. VIRTENIO was founded in 2010 as a spin-off of Technische Universität Berlin. For its products, the company relies on profound know-how resulting from many years of research and development experience. As well as being a young, award winning ICT company, VIRTENIO is a member of associations such as the AMA and BITKOM, is supported by Global Supply Chain Network (BVL), participates in a joint research project and is active in a variety of task forces. VIRTENIO is particularly interested in innovative partners with whom it can collaborate on specific projects and use cases, as well as technologyoriented, start-up-savvy minds for actively creating further growth together. Services • Digitising of supply chain • Automatic, wireless remote monitoring for logistics and transport applications • 24/7 logging of temperature, relative humidity and illumination intensity, CO 2 concentration, air pressure, location, GPS position and shocks • Multi-hop radio communication between measuring devices • OEM radio components for system integrators • Development and customisation services Contact With VIRTENIO technology, valuable cargo, sensitive products and shipments requiring verification can be monitored with regard to environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, illumination level, CO 2 concentration or air pressure. The products can also capture information on location, GPS position, and shocks in real time. This makes VIRTENIO GmbH Bismarckstr. 10–12, 10625 Berlin +49 30 577088520 +49 30 577088529

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