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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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58 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics Education With a Future Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences is a young, modern institution with future-oriented, practice-related teaching and research Services • Teaching, research and consulting services • Corporate logistics • Traffic and transport logistics Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences (THB) is a modern university offering top quality research and teaching. Every day, approx. 2,600 students and 200 employees contribute to our excellent reputation under the direction of the president, Dr. Burghilde Wieneke-Toutaoui. FHB benefits from both regional and international renown. Our profile features information sciences and media, as well as technology and business. The Economics department teaches students the basic knowledge and methodical organisational abilities required to analyse the complex problems of practical operations, design novel services, and processes and safeguard companies‘ permanent economic success. In addition to the core qualifications for business management and state-ofthe-art IT knowledge, we also teach social competencies such as moderation leadership, the ability to work in a team and project management. The professorship of Wolf-Christian Hildebrand focuses on logistics and supply chain ma nagement and is anchored in the Economics department. It is embedded in the themes of value creation system design, process analysis, production potential design, technology and innovation management. The students work on logistics themes against a background of technical, process related and organisational requirements and sets of objectives, and evaluate the options for action based on their economic impact. Capturing user needs is the key boundary condition for designing efficient, environmentally friendly logistics processes. Additional example for project themes we have implemented are the new concept development of and process design for warehouse layouts and material flow systems with RFID integration in the operational processes, analysis of alternative intermodal transport chains for inbound and outbound logistics at company locations, investigations of rail-related freight costs in opaque markets, reorganisation and optimisation of the exchange of services and creation of educationalmarket-related analyses and studies with a focus on logistics. • Analysis and concept development for intermodal transport chains and port hinterland transport • Conducting economic feasibility studies and process cost calculation • Preparing vocation related studies Contact Technische Hochschule Brandenburg Fachbereich Wirtschaft Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolf-Christian Hildebrand Magdeburger Str. 50 14770 Brandenburg an der Havel +49 3381 355273 +49 3381 355199 wolf-christian.hildebrand@

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics | 59 Research Group Transport Logistics at the TH Wildau With currently about 400 parallel research projects, the south east location of Berlin Technische Hochschule Wildau (FH) is to be found among the top 5 of the research-based universities in Germany. In the third-party funding per professor, the TH is even the first place. Among the partners of the TH Wildau include 148 facilities in 60 countries. In addition, the university in 30 networks of competence is involved. The logistics degree programme, for example, was exported to Kazakhstan, Georgia and the United Arab Emirates. The strong focus on practice, Research Group Transport Logistics (FGVL) is a highly-demanded partner of the business. Its portfolio includes industrial projects, the development of logistics ICT systems and system-wide logistics solutions. So, the FGVL developed for example IT solutions for bus terminals, advises industrial companies in the redesign of their production logistics and supported by GIS analysis and optimisation location decisions. The introduction of new technologies such as the world’s greatest, street-legal electro truck or developing an innovative mini-harvester for the wood industry is part of the research spectrum of the group. The FGVL is also active in the field of political consulting. This includes the participation in the European network and individual projects (mainly with Eastern and Northern Europe) and the policy consulting in the field of freight transport and logistics. Thus, the research group is an important partner in Interreg projects as Scandria, but also at the national level, it is active, such as the muchpublicised study “Logistics in East Germany” for the BMWi. Even current challenges in Europe and the world are the subject of the work: Here, the research group is active both in politics and in technologyheavy projects. So, both electric mobility solutions for freight transport in the city, as well as IT solutions for passenger transport are developed. But urban planning strategies for the sustainable design of urban space to be explored by the group. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert Sonntag, Head of Research Group Transport Logistics Services • Analysis and design of logistics processes, cost-benefit considerations • Development and implementation of electromobile solutions • Intermodal transport: Strategic and operational development, ICT • Development of IT solutions for passengers • Renewable energy logistics • GIS analysis and location optimisation • Environmental assessment of logistics chains Contact Fields of Research of the FGVL Wildau, Forschungsgruppe Verkehrslogistik Hochschulring 1, 15745 Wildau html

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