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Cluster Report Transport, Mobility and Logistics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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56 | Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics Logistics and industrial centre Lausitz, Containerterminal © Studio 2.0 Logistics and industrial centre Lausitz Space for developments Services • Settlement management • Subsidies advice and acquisition • Economic contacts and contacts with investors The logistics and industrial centre Lausitz is located directly on the BAB 15/E 36 and is therefore perfectly connected to the trans- European transport corridor Hamburg-Berlin- Breslau-Krakow-Kiev. It offers large-scale GI (industrial park) locations with 24h operating permits and a railway siding. As an ideal location for settlements in the areas of logistics and production, it has special competence advantages through existing logistics companies, service providers and the customs authorities present on site. Logistics and industrial centre Lausitz © Profi-Foto-Kliche The logistics and industrial centre in Lausitz has 25.2 ha GI (industrial park) area and 5.2 ha GE/GEE (business park/business park with restrictions) area as well as a further 39 ha optional space available for company settlements. Specialised logistical services companies operating throughout Europe offer comprehensive customs services and competent service on site. More than 50 companies, for example from the sectors metal processing, cable technology, hall construction, advertising technology and plastics processing, already use the advantages of the location. In particular, the existing infrastructure offers – combined transport terminal, railway station Forst with loading platforms, an approach for trucks and loading ramp as well as a diverse range of services and the professional backing and support of the economic development agency of the city of Forst (Lausitz) ensure continuous growth of the logistics and industrial centre Lausitz. The economic development agency of the city of Forst (Lausitz) provides consultation on all locational matters – free of charge, confidentially and competently. • Large-scale GI (industrial park) location right off the motorway • Combined transport terminal • High-quality areas ready for building in the range of 2,000 m² to 350,000 m² and with variable layouts are available both with and without railway siding • Attractive property offers Contact Stadt Forst (Lausitz) Stabsstelle des Bürgermeisters und für Wirtschaftsförderung Lindenstr. 10–12 03149 Forst (Lausitz) +49 3562 989247 +49 3562 989103

Cluster Report I Transport, Mobility and LogisticsLogistics | 57 SGKV at a glance The German Promotion Centre for Intermodal Transport Services • Practice research, consultancy and knowledge transfer in CT • Expertise for political representatives, especially the German Ministry of Transport (BMVI) The German Promotion Centre for Intermodal Transport (SGKV) is a non-profit research organisation founded 1928 with the purpose to strengthen intermodal transport and to make intermodal structures more transparent. Grounded in its members’ origins in practice, administration and science, the SGKV provides a neutral platform for knowledge and communication, for all who want to use, explore and develop the combined transport (CT). Practical research The SGKV acts as an independent research organisation with the purpose to combine the variety of advantages of the different carriers and the interests of the actors in combined transport issues. As a comprehensive platform, it aims to become more cargo transports of the future environmentally friendly, efficiently and sustainable on a scientific basis. Other main topics are the economic-oriented research, national and international preparation of standards as well as the representation of the interests of the combined transport at the national, intergovernmental and supranational levels. Furthermore, the SGKV advises the German Ministry of Transport (BMVI). Thereby, our office located in the Westhafen of Berlin can revert to the expertise of around eighty members of the logistics sector. Main principles of the SGKV As a neutral and open point of contact for the needs of the CT, the association has devoted itself to eight principles: • Make optimum use of intermodal carriers according to strengths and weaknesses • Make intermodal structures more transparent • Ensure scientific objectivity to strengthen the CT • Research and development of infrastructures for CT • Support international cooperation and facilitate an European CT • Promote sensible innovations for a standardised development of CT • Provide information about CT and impart knowledge between politics, economy, and science • Initiate purposeful and practical research for further development of the CT • Evaluation of terminal applications according to funding guidelines (DE, CH) • Information and investigation for members • Representation of the BIC as a National Registry Organisation for GER & AUT • Transparency in CT, Intermodal Map, statistics • Supporting young talents • Contribution in standardisation commitees Contact Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr e. V. (SGKV) Westhafenstr. 1, 13353 Berlin +49 30 20613760 +49 30 206137617

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