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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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7.1 Networks and

7.1 Networks and Transfer Facilities Regional contacts for networking, funding, settlement, technology and innovation consulting Optec-Berlin-Brandenburg (OpTecBB) e.V. More than ten years ago, a discussion commenced – initiated by science and industry – about which disciplines of optical technologies are to be developed preferentially in Germany, in order to remain or become internationally competitive and to turn them into innovation drivers. This program was documented as “German Agenda Optical Technologies for the 21st Century” and led to the BMBF grant program “Optical Technologies Made in Germany”. The formation of competence networks for optical technologies was part of this funding program. They became new infrastructure elements that support the process of cluster formation and accelerate the exchange of knowledge and technology transfer from academia to industry in important German optical regions. With OptecNet Germany an umbrella for all networks was formed which organizes the constructive cooperation of all networks. OpTecBB is part of this strategy process and was founded as a club on 09/14/2000 by 14 companies, research institutions, universities and associations, with support by the relevant state ministries of Brandenburg and the Berlin Senate. Right from the start OpTecBB e.V. was closely networked with all major German regions via OptecNet Germany; in addition it has established - through its own activities – many international contacts with the major markets in Western Europe, North America and Asia. OpTecBB and its members have set themselves the following objectives: • to combine and network the existing regional potential in the field of optical technologies • to promote the knowledge and technology transfer from research to industry • to initiate R&D projects and to support cooperations • to provide an information and communication platform • to organize joint marketing activities and trade fair exhibits to promote companies, research institutions and the region • to inform and advise the state governments and business support organizations • to promote education and training in the field of optics photonics, to establish the region as a training site, and to ensure availability of young skilled workers Founded on the initiative of the BMBF, the competence networks for optical technologies are tailored primarily to the regional actors and their cooperation. Technical activities focus on the strengths in the capital region: photonic communications technology, laser technology, lighting technology, optical measurement (including UV, X-ray and terahertz technology, as well as sensors and image processing), applications of optical technologies (biomedical/pharmaceutical, solar) and microsystems technology; their practical development is outlined in the Master Plan “Optics Berlin-Brandenburg”. With the creation of the optics cluster more regional players are included in order to facilitate cooperation along the value-added chain. To this end, OpTecBB will – jointly with the TSB Innovation Agency, the ZAB ZukunftsAgentur Brandenburg and Berlin Partner – support the cluster management and appoint the cluster speaker as representative of optics and microsystems technology in Berlin and Brandenburg. Contact: Dr. Frank Lerch OpTecBB e.V. Phone: +49 (0)30 / 6392 1728 Email: Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. The Laser Association Berlin-Brandenburg is an association of laser experts from industry and academia. It was founded in December 1993 in Berlin and has 114 members. The association aims to promote the dissemination of laser technology, primarily in Berlin and Brandenburg. It promotes cooperation among businesses and research institutions in the areas of laser research, development and application. The Laser Association offers seminars, workshops and training on topics related to laser technology. Via the “Laser Letter”, the “Laser Crackerbarrel”, and its website, it informs on current industry topics. On the Xing network, one can quickly and easily share information through the group “Laserverbund”. Contact: Dr. Helmut Ringelhan Laserverbund Berlin-Brandenburg e.V. c/o CRIS Unternehmensberatung GmbH Phone: +49 (0)30 / 4377 5858 Email: 98

7.1 Networks and Transfer Facilities OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin e.V. The capital region of Berlin Brandenburg has a rich tradition of classical optics and ophthalmic optics. It has potent companies, major research and development potential, and a strong infrastructure in education and research. Through cooperation, coordination and pooling of these potentials, OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin eV was created as part of an industry network; it is a supra-regionally and nationally acting network which is deservedly regarded as one of the most important networks in the field of innovative ophthalmic optics in Germany and Europe. The requirement of this network is to develop the ophthalmic optics in the Brandenburg and Berlin region into a nationally and internationally renowned and established technology location in optics. The aim is to develop new innovative interfaces between large companies, SMEs and academic institutions, while also involving the ophthalmic trades in the capital region. Innovation, competence development, internationalization, market development, as well as industry and location profiling are the goal-oriented focus of the work of OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin e.V. With their products and service fields, the currently about 40 network partners cover all important competences in the optometric and ophthalmic medical technology fields, such as: lenses, special lenses, magnifying spectacles, spectacle frames, ophthalmic production equipment manufacturing, workshop technology and store layout. Thereby, with its multifacetedness, networking and clustering of companies, the region represents complex ophthalmic competency in Germany and can be counted among the most modern manufacturing site in Europe. In addition to creating strategic partnerships in international urban centers of ophthalmic innovation, the inclusion of the opticians' guild of Brandenburg with its education and technology center, the FH Brandenburg, and the senior high school center Havelland is an important aspect. Hereby, the network is actively meeting the challenge to further strengthen the region Berlin Brandenburg as a center of academic and vocational education and training in the field of optics. Contact: Joachim Mertens OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin e.V. Phone: +49 (0)3385 / 572 350 Email: PhotonikBB e.V. PhotonikBB is a network of partners from academia and industry to transfer scientific research in the field of photonics into commercial applications. The network will strengthen the cooperation between companies, universities and institutes. To this end, PhotonikBB initiates, coordinates and promotes merging of competencies in joint projects. Special emphasis is put on bringing small and medium sized creative enterprises into cooperation with science. Through sustainable network cooperation, the development of an interdisciplinary photonics cluster is promoted and the existing potential of the capital area is developed. Through integration of science and industry, optimization of cooperation of the network partners and representation of the interests of its members, PhotonikBB acts as a multiplier, thus contributing to the creation of the brand “Photonics made in Brandenburg-Berlin”. The following innovation areas are the focus of the contextual network activity: • Applications in photovoltaics • Metrology and sensors • Photonic components • Applied laser technology The PhotonikBB network is funded by the Federal Government and the state of Brandenburg through the joint program “Improvement of Regional Economic Structure”. Furthermore, the 31 club members contribute to the financing of the network. The membership is composed of nearly equal numbers of industrial enterprises and research institutions. Network activities are not confined solely to Brandenburg and Berlin: As part of cooperation projects, PhotonikBB is open to national and international partners. Contact: Friedrich Winskowski PhotonikBB e.V. Phone: +49 (0)331 / 237 351 130 Email: OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin 99

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