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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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  • Brandenburg Optical Process Optical Process Metrology ISRA Vision Graphikon GmbH is also a specialist in their field. The company was formed through the merger of the Berlin company Graphikon with ISRA, the world leader in surface spectroscopy. Located in Berlin-Pankow, they offer control systems for automatic optical inspection of all areas of the solar industry. Systems from ISRA Vision Graphikon are used in production control of wafers and cells, but also of complete modules, mirrors and required glass components. However, optical process measuring technology made in Berlin- Brandenburg is in demand not only in booming industries. Applications can be found across the spectrum of industrial production and environmental analysis, from the automotive industry to the chemical industry, from pharmaceuticals to food production; and from the sewage plant to production of biogas. It is important not only to find the right process for your application. For use in industry, light sources, detectors and peripherals must be unsusceptible to dust, extreme temperatures, gases, moisture and corrosive chemicals. They must be stable - and affordable, so that their use is economically worthwhile. Multi-Sensor Platform Sensol H for thin-film solar cells © Sentech Instruments GmbH OCS spectrophotometer © ColVisTec AG Such applications are the business of ColVisTec AG. Engineers and scientists from the fields of spectrophotometry, optics and process and production control founded the company in 2009 in Berlin-Adlershof. They develop, manufacture and market process monitoring systems as in-line technology, based on high-resolution spectrophotometry - "in-line color measurement" you might say. Sensor for haze measurement © Sentech Instruments GmbH Sentech Instruments, based in the Adlershof Technology Park, is also a world leader - namely in the equipment of production lines for silicon solar cells. They are the leading provider of reflectometers or laser and spectroscopic ellipsometers which determine thickness and refractive indices of thin films and multilayers. However, Sentech is also active in the field of thin film solar cells. The Berlin-based company has recently launched a new measurement system for quality control of transparent conductive oxide layer (TCO) in the mass production of thin film solar cells, called SenSol Haze. The system design permits exact measurements in particular at the edges of manually or mechanically introduced glass plates. They were already able to convince a leading supplier of thin-film PV production, Oerlikon Solar, of the advantages of the new system. In addition, Sentech offers numerous other sensors which can be integrated into the system. Inspecting fabrics and surfaces – from insulating glass to sewage plant Extrusion polymer melt probe © ColVisTec AG The ColVisTec systems allow measurements directly in the processing of materials in liquid, past-like, powder or molten form. With specific probes (sapphire lens and optical fiber) materials can be monitored from opaque to transparent. The operating temperatures range up to 400°C, the maximum pressure up to 345 bar. Thus, ColVisTec technology can be used from paint and beverage manufacturing to the production of building materials and plastics. The PIOX systems from the manufacturer Flexim are also intended for use in the processing of liquids: The refractometer mea- 60 Optical Process Metrology sure the refractive index to determine concentration, density and purity of liquid products in manufacturing or processing. The technique works quickly and accurately and is independent of gas bubbles, turbidity and color. Thus, PIOX refractometers measure the degree of polymerization of plastics and the concentration of solvents in the manufacture of synthetic fibers. They check if beer contains the correct measure of wort, in the food industry they help to control the addition of sugar, and at airports they monitor de-icing. The close networking of science and industry has traditionally been one of the strengths of the capital region. Optical process measuring technology is no exception: Berlin-Brandenburg is a center of excellence in terms of applications, hardware, consulting and services – in close cooperation between researchers, manufacturers and users. Contact: Prof. Dr. Norbert Esser Leibniz-Institut für Analytische Wissenschaften – ISAS – e.V. Phone: +49 (0)30 / 6392 3530 Email: PIOX R process refractometer © Flexim GmbH Many other companies from Berlin-Brandenburg offer optical process metrology: OB Vision and pi4_robotics jointly develop optical inspection systems for the inspection of flat glass. In addition, pi4_robotics offers solutions for color control and laser measurement. Uwe braun GmbH supplies color and surface control systems that are used among others in the automotive industry. Schmidt + Haensch offers optical measurement systems for laboratory automation. There are also those who supply the peripheral equipment and the expertise for a particular application. 3s sensor systems solutions, for example, reduces available data to mathematical algorithms and develop control and optimization software that learns continuously during operation. Realized with sensor systems available on the market, 3s solutions monitor surface water and biomass power plants, check if sewage plants are working properly, and control biogas plants. Networking industry and science even more closely – Berlin- Brandenburg has a lot to offer Optical measurement technology is developing dynamically. All the time, new methods are developed to determine material properties by means of scattering, diffraction or reflection. The research institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg are extremely active in this field. And there is a lot of future potential in the industrial application of the principles. It is important, however, to advance from scientific findings to practically usable technology as quickly as possible. Taking this fact into account, the regional higher education landscape adapts to the requirements: development of a common curriculum “Optical Process Control” is currently underway at the University of Potsdam, and the Technical and Humboldt Universities in Berlin. A contact office will network academic institutions and industry partners yet more closely, and serve as a focal point for industry internships, diploma, bachelor and master theses. 61

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