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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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5.1.3 Optical

5.1.3 Optical Measuring and Sensor Technology The Mannheim-based sensor technology company Pepperl + Fuchs also maintains an office in the region. The Berlin plant specializes in opto-electronic sensors and security applications, and they deal with sophisticated optical time-of-flight systems in which the travelling time of laser beams is used for measurement purposes. Security technology drives the development The further development of sensors and optical measurement techniques is usually propelled by the requirements of booming industries. Drivers are, for example, photovoltaics, medical, biotechnology and environmental technologies. However, increased demands for security technology also have become an opportunity for a number of Berlin-Brandenburg companies. The iris-GmbH infrared & intelligent sensors, for example, has expertise in the fields of thermal infrared sensors (FIR), sensors in the near infrared (NIR, AIR), time-of-flight (TOF) and signal processing. This know-how enters the company’s development and manufacture of opto-electronic sensor components and products, which are used especially for automatic passenger counting in public transport and in building automation. ASAS Systemtechnik in Berlin provides products for public transport. With the help of infrared sensors, cameras and transmission equipment, conductors gain an overview of the action. ASAS-infrared technology is also used in object safety. Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision strives to avoid collisions. It is one of the world’s market leaders in intelligent optical sensor systems - especially for road traffic, but also for other applications. Hella Aglaia Mobile Vision offers camera-based components that more and more become standard in modern cars, such as traffic sign and obstacle detection. Optical sensor technology promoting security often follows simple principles. Examples are products of Ident Technologies in Berlin specializing in access control systems that operate on the basis of fingerprint scans. Or take an idea that LTB Lasertechnik Berlin developed together with paint manufacturers Lanxess and GFaI - Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik e.V. (Society for the Promotion of Applied Computer Science), also located in Berlin. Surfaces to be examined are coated with an invisible fluorescent varnish. If a surface treated that way is manipulated, the coating layer is damaged. During irradiation this is detected; the technology allows fast scans. FibrisTerre GmbH, in turn, is a spin-off of BAM - Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing). They use fiber optics to monitor the stability of large buildings. The fibers are integrated into the structures to be monitored; they can - decentralized - monitor temperature and strain. Customers get a reliable monitoring system for use in geotechnical structures, industrial sensors and monitoring of large infrastructures such as bridges or piers. Measurement systems and components from Berlin-Brandenburg Different sensor technologies are used in passenger counting sensors from iris-GmbH. The current IRMA MATRIX employs 3D time-of-flight technology © iris-GmbH There are also many regional companies whose optical systems and components enable precise measurements in research institutes and development departments of companies. Picoquant in Berlin-Adlershof, for example, produces complete fluorescence spectrometer as well as other laboratory technology. L & M Laser- und Messtechnik in Werder/Havel is also active in the field. Products from Becker & Hickl are even more specialized. The company specializes in fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy, FLIM. Innovative Optische Messtechnik (IOM) also offers measurement systems for fluorescence analysis. They offer, among other things, fluorescence spectrometers with nanosecond time resolution, detectors that can detect native fluorescence, and technology for process monitoring. Ratio pyrometer CT ratio 1M for the harshest industrial environments © Optris GmbH The design of the pyro-electric sensor chip was tailored specifically to the requirements of passenger counting © iris-GmbH Optris GmbH, also based in the capital, specializes in technology for non- 54

5.1.3 Optical Measuring and Sensor Technology contact temperature measurement using infrared radiation. The portfolio includes pyrometers for mobile and stationary use as well as infrared cameras. Optris technology is suitable for use in research and development as well as automated applications in industrial manufacturing processes. Especially in wafer manufacturing and production of optical components, optical measuring technology developed and produced by Optik Elektronik Gerätetechnik (OEG) in Frankfurt/Oder. They offer measuring microscopes with image processing for spatial object measurement, contact angle measuring instruments as well as measuring devices for optical parameters of single lenses and optical systems. OEG technology measures line widths on structured wafers, for example. Askania Mikroskop Technik Rathenow also is an expert in microscopes. In addition to laboratory, stereoscopic and incident-light microscopes, they also offer accessories and software for digital photogrammetry. Specs Surface Nano Analysis GmbH is a leading manufacturer of components and systems for surface analysis. In addition to microscopic methods, Specs also has many years of expertise in spectroscopic analysis methods, such as photo-electron spectroscopy with X-ray and UV light, Auger electron spectroscopy, and electron energy loss spectroscopy. The Entwicklungsbüro Stresing in Berlin specializes in development of CCD camera systems for research and industry. They provide line and area scan cameras for all popular applications as well as cooled cameras for harsh operating conditions and complete spectrometer systems for the whole range from the ultraviolet to the infrared. μPhase® compact interferometer © Trioptics Berlin GmbH Networking as key to success Research at top international level and companies that deliver innovative responses to highly specialized issues - the networking of companies among themselves and with research in Berlin- Brandenburg has developed superbly. No small part had OpTecBB, the competence network for optical technologies Berlin-Brandenburg. They combine their activities in the thematic priority Photonics for Communications and Sensors (PhoKoS) – in order for research projects, developments and market-ready products to continue to emerge from ideas. Contact: Dr. Henning Schröder Fraunhofer IZM Phone: +49 (0)30 / 46 403 277 Email: Spectrometer with cooled VIS and IR camera © Entwicklungsbüro Stresing Software for optical metrology, finally, is the core business of Trioptics Berlin. Since 2010, the company, formerly part of the Swiss Fisba Optics AG group, is part of the measuring equipment manufacturer Trioptics; core product is the μShape software pakkage for interferometry, which is available for a variety of types of interferometers. In addition, Trioptics deals with software development, consulting and performing measurements on behalf of customers. 55

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