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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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5.1.2 Lighting Technology Test Bed Sunlike © FutureLED GmbH Their “Sunlike” system, for example, is an LED platform capable to emit light at about 30 different wavelengths between 365 nm and 1,060 nm. In this way the daylight spectrum can be reproduced with maximum accuracy; besides other applications, they concentrate on performance measurement for solar plants. Epigap Optronic GmbH in the Innovation Park Wuhlheide in Berlin produces LEDs, LED chips and photo diodes for all types of industrial applications - as standard product or specially designed according to customer specifications. They offer high-end LED chips for the entire spectral range 280-1,750 nm and specialize in the manufacture of small to medium quantities to exacting quality standards. LED technology from Epigap is used, for example, in sensor technology, safety engineering, medical and bio-technology. The company also acts as a cooperation partner of Jenoptik Polymer Systems, which also manufactures optical components in Berlin: for example for optoelectronic chips, LEDs, photodiodes, and spotlights. 950 nm LED chip at 4A pulsed current © Epigap Optronic GmbH OSA Opto Light in Wuhlheide also produces LED chips, modules and lamps as standard products and according to specific customer specifications. Their spectrum ranges from the ultraviolet to the infrared region, 350–1,080 nm. Even light has to be measured Of course, where the future lighting technology is being developed, companies mustn’t be missing that manufacture the equipment with which the light sources themselves can be measured. One of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of light measurement technology in Europe, Optronik, is based in Berlin. They offer the full spectrum of light, radiation, and color measurement technology and - if needed - can deliver complete light measurement laboratories, for example for automotive supplies and lighting manufacturers. Goniophotometer © Optronik Berlin GmbH PRC Krochmann is also active in the field of light measurement technology - as the name of the company suggests, because “PRC” stands for photometry, radiometry and colorimetry. PRC Krochmann supplies research institutions and industrial producers as well as planners and operators of large lighting systems. Their product portfolio includes measurement technology as well as the necessary software and standard lamps for calibration. Other suppliers of light measurement technology based in Berlin are LMT Lichtmesstechnik and Czibula & Grundmann. These two also supply the full range of technology and software for of professional light measurement. Czibula & Grundmann planned and delivered, for instance, a 40-meter long photometer bench, which is used by the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). LMT offers a special version of its LIMES light measurement software for the requirements of the automotive industry. There are also highly specialized providers in Berlin-Brandenburg. Kowalski Unterwasserlampen, for example, offers underwater headlights and xenon diver lamps. Kaufel Stromversorgungssysteme specializes in the production of emergency power and emergency lighting systems. LEDs and design – research in the region The diverse and innovative business landscape is underpinned by a variety of institutions that conduct research in lighting technology in this area. Worth mentioning here is especially the section Lighting Technology (Fachgebiet Lichttechnik) at the Technical University of Berlin. It is one of the oldest of its kind, founded in 1882. Today, as then, it has special significance for the academic training of engineers and young talent in the lighting industry. Lectures cover topics such as light sources, light measurement technology, indoor, outdoor and automotive lighting technology, physiological optics, daylight technology and colorimetry. The current research interests are in lighting quality and energy efficiency, transportation safety and efficiency, health-promoting and age-appropriate lighting, as well as the development of tools for measurement and diagnostics. 48

5.1.2 Lighting Technology Also at OUT e.V. (Optotransmitter Umweltschutz Technologie e.V.) work is done on LED technology. Small and medium enterprises, other scientific institutions and individuals are organized in this non-profit, independent research organization. It conducts industry-oriented and application-oriented research and development in optoelectronics, thin film technology, sensors and signal processing. Spectral lamp with mercury filling © TU Berlin At the Department of Lighting Technology, both basic and applied research is being conducted. Recent work demonstrates the broad spectrum of research activities. These deal with subjects as diverse as the identification and removal of barriers to innovation in solid-state lighting on one side, i.e. the further development of light sources on semiconductor, organic and polymer basis. On the other hand, it deals with the effects of light pollution, i.e. the brightening of the night sky by artificial sources. To these ends, the Department of Lighting Technology collaborates in research with several companies and institutions inside and outside the TU. In the field of lighting technology, OUT has been developed highpower LEDs in the visible and infrared range, for example. As part of the research project “Innovative Lighting for Berlin” a demonstrator for an attached gas luminaire based on LED technology was created. Other main topics are in the area of sensor systems based on LEDs, and in applications of LED technology, for example in automotive, aerospace, medical, and lighting and radiation technology. Furthermore, they have the necessary optoelectronic measurement technology to comprehensively characterize light sources. Heat sink optimization for high power LED modules, such as underwater lights up 250 W © OUT e.V. "Light and Design" prototype OLED lighting system in cooperation with Osram Opto Semiconductors, project work by Merlin Dunkel © UdK Berlin At the University of the Arts (UdK), on the other hand, one is concerned mainly with light as a design element. Their department “Industrial Design” is directed by Prof. Holger Neumann and deals with technically oriented product design. Aspects of product development, design, manufacture, and the subsequent mass production are integrated into the process. An important element is the experimental analysis of light. In teaching, for example, seminars are offered on lighting and design, fundamentals of lighting fixture design and lighting technology, as well as on lighting design in terms of new technologies such as LEDs and OLEDs as light sources. Measurement setup for analysis of a high-power excimer radiator in an R&D project © OUT e.V. From principle to practice Others deal with the many detailed issues that need to be resolved in connection with the advancement of LED technology. The Fraunhofer-Institute for Reliability and Micro Integration (IZM) in Berlin researches a plethora of individual issues: one attempts to improve heat dissipation of individual and packaged LEDs, strives to increase performance, durability and efficiency, looks for new 49

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