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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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5.1.1 Laser Technology

5.1.1 Laser Technology Trepanning in glass processing with frequency-doubled Nd:YAG ps-laser (532 nm) © Laser- und Medizin-Technologie GmbH, Berlin (LMTB) The non-profit Laser- und Medizin-Technologie GmbH, Berlin (LMTB) conducts research in the field of material processing on new practical methods for precision and micro machining of metals, semiconductors and ceramics. Examples of research activities include projects for the removal of thin layers or for stress-free internal marking of glass. They develop laser-based optical components for material processing and have developed a new type of trepanning which combines high operating speed with substantially improved quality of laser drilling and laser cutting. In addition, they do contract research. company is owned by the American photonics group Newport. It develops and manufactures very compact, actively Q-switched lasers in the green and UV wavelength ranges. Highyag also has it’s headquarter in Stahnsdorf, also a worldwide leader in tools for laser material processing. They offer processing heads for welding, soldering, cutting, coating and drilling, as well as beam transport systems and accessories. Products in Scansonic’s portfolio are mainly used in the automotive industry. This company develops and supplies systems for the laser and arc joining. With Scansonic components, body and chassis parts from different materials can be welded and soldered, and heavy-duty components can be hardened in a regulated manner. Compact Laser Solutions specializes in ultra-compact systems. Those are used, for example, for the identification and coding of products, but also for material handling processes at the micro and macro level. The pulsed laser welding system KPL 5000 from Komlas in Berlin, however, is intended for laser micromachining. The KPL 5000 is maintenance-free and can be delivered with two fiber outputs for the simultaneous placing of two welding points. Canlas inWildau in Brandenburg specializes in micro material processing in the areas of welding and marking. Canlas technology welds semiconductor chips onto heat sinks, but can also label medical instruments or engrave Datamatrix codes on PCBs. The MiLaBS from Smart Laser Systems also is a system for micro machining. In addition, Smart Laser Systems offers diode-pumped solid state lasers in a compact modular design suitable, for example, for welding. Of course, the laser can also solder. ATN Automatisierungstechnik Niemeier specializes on systems for automated single point soldering. Drilling with a conical bulge, introduced via trepanning © Laser- und Medizin-Technologie GmbH, Berlin (LMTB) LMTB also works on the minimization of the influence of heat and tension in the drilling of micro-holes, and they also investigate techniques for precise and gentle separation of solar cells. All this is done with an eye to the upcoming implementation of LMTB processes in industry - in addition to precision, therefore, demands on speed and cost are a focus already during research. In the solar sector, LMTB succeeded to develop a laser based cutting method that allowed for the first time to cleanly separate mono-and polycrystalline silicon-wafers, without a decrease of the photo voltage of the cells and without reduction of efficiency. For micro and macro – lasers for material processing Given the importance of the laser for material processing, it is no wonder that a number of manufacturers in Berlin and Brandenburg specialize in lasers for this field. Newport Spectra-Physics in Stahnsdorf is a provider with worldwide reputation and broad product portfolio. Their site originally belonged to LAS GmbH, founded after reunification. Today, the And where automation of the movement of lasers is concerned, companies such as Schleicher Electronic come into play. They offer high-performance, flexible and open control technology. With own know-how – manufacturers and user at the same time Many companies in the region rest on two pillars: Not only do they develop and produce equipment for material processing, but they also manufacture components for their customers. Take, for example, Photon Laser Engineering: At its Berlin location, the company develops and tests new methods: cutting, welding, soldering, coating, especially for the production of car bodies and equipment, rail and space vehicles. The know-how is transferred also into in-house production: At Photon Laser Manufacturing, metal parts are produced using laser cutting, drilling, welding and soldering. The Berlin-based companies itec Automation & Laser and Laser- Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg have several pillars. On the one hand, itec manufactures automated laser machines for cutting and welding processes and special machines for complex manufacturing processes. On the other hand, they produce customized patterns and regular series. Laser-Mikrotechnologie Dr. Kieburg 42

5.1.1 Laser Technology develops and manufactures systems for laser micromachining, from OEM module to a complete plant. With this technology, photo templates, metal masks, labels, and pinholes can be produced, silicon, ceramic and metal materials can be 3D-processed, materials can be micro-structured, labeled, and drilled, and metal foils can be finely cut down to the micrometer range. On the other hand, they also offer the above mentioned works as a service provider. The Ingenieurbüro Hüyüktepe, Helios Laser Service is also active in two areas. On the one hand, they maintain and repair laser systems. On the other hand, they offer, via their own technology, laser finishing, cutting, welding, drilling, scribing, labels, and the removal of coatings. DoroTEK in Strausberg markets components of the Polish Solaris Group: laser labeling systems, optical components and Pockels cells for beam modulation. They also work as a contract service provider for laser labeling. Laser diode drivers and Peltier drivers as well as modular combinations thereof are offered by OsTech. All OsTech drivers have a uniform user interface, independent of current and voltage ranges. Therefore, lasers can be freely scaled, appropriate to the application, without changing the interface. With the Berliner Glas Group, one of Europe's leading providers of optical key components, modules and systems is located in the capital. They manufacture lenses, prisms, gratings and other components in the clean room and deliver complete optical, optoelectrical and opto-mechanical systems. Holoeye also works with glass. They offer diffractive optical elements, which can be used in 3D measurement technology, for example, as well as components for amplitude and phase modulation. Production via laser in the region Of course, there are also service providers in the capital region. One of them is Laser Micro Präzision in Teltow. They offer laser labels right down to the micron range, for example for data matrix codes on PCBs. They also have expertise in micro-surface treatment. Drilling in the 0.1-millimeter range is possible. They can also do fine welding and labeling. Escotec Lasertechnik, also located in Teltow, has expertise in laser welding, especially for medical applications. Capillary tubes, stainless steel and titanium foils are typical work pieces. The Berlin company acolma does non-thermal micromachining via laser - production of surface structures in the micrometer to nanometer range, amorphization of surfaces, drilling of microchannels. Crystalix specializes in interior glass engravings, which are carried out with self-developed machines. Three-dimensional portraits, company logos and other designs can be engraved. Projected stripe pattern using a diffractive optical element, e.g. for applications in 3D measurement technology © Holoeye Photonics AG Berlin-based Crystal GmbH sells crystal components, including for construction of YAG:Nd and YAG:CR lasers. In addition to active and passive laser components, Crystal also offers prefabrication of modules. Ekos designs and constructs components for laser optics, including achromatic lenses and light-cut optics. Who provides materials and components? Where many lasers are produced there are, of course, also those who offer peripherals. APE - Angewandte Physik & Elektronik GmbH in Berlin, for example, is the international leader for components and systems in ultrafast laser technology. The product portfolio ranges from autocorrelators via components for wavelength conversion to spectrometers, from acoustic optics to optical parametric oscillators. Sensor- und Lasertechnik Bohmeyer specializes in components for management and control of laser systems. They provide, for example, sensors for impulse lasers, display devices for measuring the impulse energy, and power and energy sensors for VUV lasers. OsTech laser diode and Peltier driver © OsTech GmbH Diffusion bonded crystals © Crystal GmbH Those in need of fiber-optical components can choose from several providers in Berlin-Brandenburg. Frank Optic Products, for example, specializes in fiber optics, reflectors, optical fiber cable, and sapphire and quartz optics. They develop systems for laser and medical technology, the automotive industry, signaling and lighting technology. Frank also develops beam guidance systems for projection and display technology. FCC FibreCableConnect GmbH offers packaging of optical fibers for laser applications, from design via prototyping to mass production. FCC offer components for the specific requirements of laser medicine as well as cables with active cooling for power of up 43

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