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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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4.6 Rathenow The optics location Rathenow represents history and innovative presence Joachim Mertens Since more than 200 years, the development of the city of Rathenow is associated with the development of an autonomous optical industry in Germany. Here in Rathenow lies the birthplace of this important branch of industry. Inextricably linked with it is the name of Johann Heinrich August Duncker. Johann Heinrich August Duncker © Optikindustriemuseum, archive More than 210 years ago, Johann Heinrich August Duncker invented here in Rathenow the multi-polishing machine, which revolutionized the optical industry; it received - on March 10, 1801 - the “royal” privilege to establish an optical industry institution. The foundation of the German optical industry was laid. In subsequent years, Rathenow’s rise to an important industrial city was inextricably linked to the development of the optical industry. The descendants of Duncker, Eduard Duncker and Emil Busch were main contributors. View of the optics industry museum in the Cultural Center Rathenow, in the foreground a model of the multi-polishing machine © Sylvia Wetzel, Kulturzentrum Rathenow Within a very short time, Rathenow developed into the most important optical industrial location in Germany. This development process still continues today, unaffected by the past wars or social or technological changes. Today, this traditional location is again one of the leading ophthalmic centers in Germany. At this location, entrepreneurs and educational institutions with a wide range of regional specialized companies and research institutions have joined forces and successfully established the joint network OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin e.V. With this network, an association has been created which bundles ophthalmic expertise and innovation in the capital region across industries. With their products and services, the networkers cover all important competencies such as lens, special lenses, magnifying spectacles, spectacle frames, ophthalmic production equipment manufacturing, workshop equipment, store layout and qualifying education and training opportunities leading to the master certificate. Manufacture of ophthalmic implants, research and development of optical technologies, microscopy, and industrial and laboratory application complete this list. The Technology and Business Incubator Havelland in Rathenow, seat of OABB e.V © MXM Design Rathenow The strength of the location is evidenced by the comprehensive cooperation and networking of regional actors at different levels of the value chain. Positive synergy effects are generated by the core competencies in product and service fields in those optical and ophthalmic technology fields in which the regional companies operate. In the capital region Berlin-Brandenburg, optics/optometry with its double-digit growth rates is an expanding industry. The breadth and depth of the renowned companies and research institutes in the capital region active in the optometric and ophthalmic medical technology fields is unique. OABB is one of the Brandenburg-Berlin GRW networks which both states develop as part of a common core innovation strategy with the aim of achieving higher economic growth. A key driver for innovation policy is the close dialogue between industry and academia. Regional strengths are considered and deliberately fostered. Dedicated networks in the capital region promote close cooperation and linking of research, companies, institutions and regional actors. With about 1,500 workers, Rathenow is the center of the optical industry in the state of Brandenburg. The site has great potential for highly skilled professionals, excellent infrastructure and a wide selection of new industrial and commercial sites. In addition to industry leaders such as Fielmann and Essilor, predominantly small and medium enterprises are located in Rathenow. With its production facilities, this long-standing location is among the most modern in Europe. Only here, such strong vertical inte- 34

4.6 Rathenow gration in the areas of ophthalmic optics and precision mechanics is achieved. This innovative site environment is characterized by a close integration of the regional business competencies with science, education and industry-related services. This is demonstrated by various technology-oriented cooperation projects among companies supported by scientific institutions (e.g. colleges in Brandenburg, Potsdam and Jena or the Fraunhofer IAP in Potsdam-Golm). Cooperation with the cross-industry transfer agency in Potsdam/Golm and the transfer agency at the Brandenburg University of Applied Sciences has become another element of the network. Real projects are now being implemented. The particular advantages of networking, complexity and diversity make Rathenow a remarkable center of the industry. Rathenow has become one of the best European locations for ophthalmic industry products. Therefore, the city of optics has attained a sustainable location profile; its products occupy a remarkable national and international market position. The network OABB optic alliance brandenburg berlin eV supports Rathenow as an optics site to distinguish Rathenow innovatively in its future direction. Particular emphasis is put on site communications into and outside of the optical industry, across all industries. Thus OABB becomes a supra-regional link between the ophthalmic industry, ophthalmic skilled labor, politics and the public. Successful national and international trade show presentations provide growing recognition for the optics location, open new markets, and position the product and service spectrum on international target markets. Innovative, marketable solutions and global developments emanate from the city of optics, guiding the long-standing Rathenow location and the capital region to national and international acceptance. Contact: Joachim Mertens OABB e.V. Phone: +49 (0)3385 / 572 334 Email: Brachymedial telescope in the Optikpark Rathenow © Sylvia Wetzel, Kulturzentrum Rathenow 35

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