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Cluster Report Photonics in the Capital Region Berlin-Brandenburg

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4.3 Schöneweide

4.3 Schöneweide Schöneweide – a traditional industrial region on the move Helge Neumann The development of Schöneweide was shaped by AEG, formerly the largest German company. It characterized the face of this industrial area in Berlin and numerous buildings still bear impressive witness to that fact - legacies of a time in which Berlin was the largest German industrial city and the great German "Elektopolis". After the Second World War and during the time of the GDR, the leading companies in the electrical and electronic industry were concentrated in East Berlin, such as Kabelwerk Oberspree (KWO), Transformatorenwerk Oberspree (TRO) and the Werk für Fernsehelektronik (WF) in the Oberschöneweide area, and thus lived up to the former AEG-tradition. AEG-grounds in the Wilhelminenhofstrasse. Primarily the lectures on design, engineering, applied computer science, international media computer science, business communications and industrial engineering were moved from Karlshorst to the former industrial region KWO. The entrepreneurial potential has grown significantly in recent years. Interesting lines of cooperation have emerged between the HTW and the resident companies; there are good prospects for attracting qualified employees. Towards the end of the GDR, the industrial plants became more and more obsolete - even in the industrial region Schöneweide. After German reunification, a structural change took place in a hurry - the old fashioned industry disappeared, and with it more than 25,000 jobs. Many companies shrank or folded. Know-how and skilled employees migrated elsewhere. Schöneweide became a problem area. Headquarters of the First Sensor AG in Berlin Oberschöneweide © First Sensor AG Campus Wilhelminenhof of the HTW © vitamin a design, Andrea Jaschinski, 2009 Despite the dramatic decline, the entrepreneurial involvement of engineers, technicians and scientists helped retain economic areas and build new mid-sized structures from the old industrial cores - mainly from the bankruptcy or residual infrastructure of WF, KWO and TRO. Technology fields concerned in particular were mechanical engineering, electronics, energy, but also optical technologies and microsystems technology. Schöneweide is a location with a promising future: It is conveniently located in the future airport corridor between Schönefeld and the city center and close to Adlershof - an already leading science and technology park in Europe. Extensive renovations have placed some architecturally interesting, inexpensive dabs in the residential environment and on commercial properties - sometimes directly at the Spree river Companies now well known in the field of optical technologies and microsystems technology are, for example, Berlin Oberspree Sondermaschinenbau, the sensors companies iris and First Sensor, the laser manufacturer CryLaS, the component developer Crystal, or Leoni Fiber Optics. Contact: Dr. Helge Neumann Regional Manager Oberschöneweide WISTA Management GmbH Phone: +49 (0)30 / 5304 1110 Email: Today, the region is on the move, and first successes are apparent. A modern technology and business incubator, the TGS Spreeknie, was built. The University of Applied Sciences (HTW), and with it about 8,000 students, have found a new home on the former 30

4.4 Teltowkanal Optical technologies at the industry site Teltowkanal Andreas Feldo BioAnalyt GmbH, Elight Laser Systems GmbH, escotec Lasertechnik GmbH, GFMesstechnik GmbH, Q-mo solar AG, and SMI SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH. The regional scientific potential is particularly visible in the research location Teltow-Seehof. It is home to the GKSS Research Center and the Institute of Thin Film Technology and Microsensors (IDM). The Technology Center Teltow © Technologiezentrum Teltow GmbH The industrial site around the Teltow canal, which includes in particular the municipalities of Teltow, Kleinmachnow and Stahnsdorf, is located on the southern outskirts of Berlin and only 15 km east of Potsdam. Because of the border location between Berlin and Brandenburg, this location is of great significance for the capital region. The area around the three communities is one of the most highly productive regions of Brandenburg and provides a location for innovative technologies. Here, special emphasis is on biotechnology, medical and optical technologies. In addition to the immediate proximity to the capital Berlin and the city of Potsdam, the welldeveloped commercial areas provide a high quality site. The Techno Terrain Teltow, the Teltow Technology Center, the Green Park Stahnsdorf and Europarc Dreilinden offer excellent location conditions to local companies and new settlements. In the Techno Terrain Teltow one now finds more than 200 companies with approximately 7,000 employees. With an area of over 600,000 square meters, the Techno Terrain Teltow is the largest inner-city office and industrial park in the Federal Republic of Germany. The Technology Center Teltow supports innovative companies in their start-up phase by providing customized commercial space and consultations for business start-up. The Green Park Stahnsdorf is home to over 70 companies, including the Stahnsdorf branch of the Newport Spectra-Physics GmbH and Highyag GmbH, two leading companies in laser technologies. In the field of optical technologies, clustering is accelerated by cooperative network PhotonikBB. The network comprises 30 companies and research institutions. PhotonikBB sees itself as a networking and technical coordination body by industry and research for the field of optics in Brandenburg and Berlin. The combining of competencies and targeted cooperation between industry and science lead to regional value added and development of existing potentials. The following innovation areas are the main focus of network activity: • applications in photovoltaics • applied laser technology • measurement and sensor technology • photonic components The photonikBB network is funded by Brandenburgs Ministry of Economy and European Affairs within the framework of the joint task "Improvement of Regional Economic Structure" (GRW) with funds from the federal government and the state of Brandenburg. Contact: Friedrich Winskowski PhotonikBB e.V. Phone: +49 (0)331 / 237351 130 Email: A large number of other companies designated as part of the optical technologies industry also use the industrial site at the Teltow Canal. These include, inter alia, Adlares GmbH, Epcos AG, 31

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