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Brain City: more than

Brain City: more than the ∑um of its parts Brain City Berlin has a uniquely dense and diverse range of academic and research institutions: in addition to the 11 state and about 30 private universities, the Charité, and more than 70 non-academic research institutions, there are numerous federal institutions, private-sector research institutes and campuses of international universities in the city. total of €8.1 billion in financing to the city’s universities. In addition, the state has other instruments to promote certain areas. These include programmes for teaching, equal opportunities, as well as research funding with the Einstein Foundation Berlin. The Institute for Applied Research (IFAF) promotes cooperation between the state universities of applied sciences and regional business. The non-academic research institutions of the Max Planck Society, the Leibniz Society and the Helmholtz Association receive both federal and state funding. In addition, Berlin has research institutes that are the sole responsibility of the state, such as the Zuse Institute Berlin. On 16 January 2018, the state’s contracts with the 11 universities for 2018–2022 were formally signed and came into force. Governing Mayor Michael Müller and Professor Sabine Kunst, President of Humboldt University. Academics and research are integral to the city. And they shape its landscape: the state universities and the Charité alone cover an area equal to 256 football fields. There are no tuition fees at state universities; the basic funding is provided by the state of Berlin, as agreed every five years in contracts concluded with the universities. This funding is based on key performance indicators such as teaching, research and equality/diversity and is paid out annually. The state and the universities work together to set targets, and reports document the universities’ performance. In the current five-year period (2018–2022), the state will be providing a The Studierendenwerk Berlin also receives state subsidies. On behalf of the state, it operates 57 cafeterias at universities throughout Berlin, serving an average of 40,000 meals a day during the semester. It also operates halls of residence that provide housing for about 9,300 students. While their parents are studying or working at universities, the youngest are well looked after in the day-care centres operated by the Studierendenwerk. It also offers a variety of advisory and counselling services for students and organises cross-university cultural events. Further information on the 2018–2022 university contracts. 8

Berlin is free. The future is being built in Berlin. So much creativity is happening in Berlin. It’s in the air we breathe in Berlin.” PROFESSOR EUN-HWA CHO COMPOSITION, HANNS EISLER SCHOOL OF MUSIC, BERLIN PROFESSOR BIRGIT FELDEN SMES, SUCCESSION ISSUES, AND BUSINESS, UNIVERSITY OF ECONOMICS AND LAW BERLIN DIPL.-ING. CEM AVSAR AEROSPACE INSTITUTE, TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF BERLIN “Berlin is home to innovations that reach into space.” “Berlin is entrepreneurial and diverse. Established companies large and small work side-by-side with start-ups for everyone’s benefit. Founders, academics, scientists and the next generation putting innovative ideas into practice.” “Berlin offers space for ideas and exchange. This makes the city interesting for the artistic scene.” PROFESSOR NIK HAFFNER INTER-UNIVERSITY CENTER FOR DANCE (HZT), UNIVERSITÄT DER KÜNSTE BERLIN 9

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