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IPSUM TOGETHER FOR EXCELLENCE Berlin has long since become one city and has a host of scientific institutions that work together. The city map by Johann Gregor Memhardt from around 1650 shows the double city Berlin-Cölln, one area being researched by the Berlin History Society (HiKo). Institute for Advanced Study Berlin The Institute for Advanced Study Berlin, enables both internationally recognised and promising young scientists to spend a year doing research on a project of their choosing in Berlin. Whether in classical studies, biomedicine or mathematics, Brain City Berlin offers a unique environment for top research in many fields, as demonstrated by the outstanding results in the German Excellence Initiative and leading positions in the funding ranking of the German Research Foundation. With Freie Universität Berlin and Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin Berlin is home to two of Germany’s 11 universities of excellence. Together with the renowned Technische Universität Berlin, they belong to the select circle of the 100 best research universities worldwide. Internationally famous is also the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin and the strong presence of non-academic research institutions in Berlin. Fourteen institutes of the Leibniz Association make Berlin their home, doing their namesake proud. In addition, there are five Max Planck Institutes, three centres of the Helmholtz Society, four Fraunhofer Institutes and numerous other non-academic institutions. Many excellent scientists work in Berlin, as the research awards of the European Research Council and the Leibniz Prizes repeatedly show. At the same time, collaborative research in Berlin is unleashing some truly special potential. In clusters of excellence, large collaborative research centres, and research training groups, scientists from various disciplines and institutions are conducting research together and providing important insights that will help master complex social, medical and technological challenges. In addition to established research areas, Berlin is thus also able to react to new developments and repeatedly drive innovation. This work is specifically supported by the Einstein Foundation Berlin, which the state established to strengthen top-level research in the city. It is financed from state funds and grants from other donors and institutions, and serves as a catalyst for new research initiatives. 14

Hotspot for digitalisation The 21st century has been characterised by the rapid digitalisation of every aspect of life. The ways we communicate, work and, of course, research are all changing. Supported by the state’s digitalisation strategy, Berlin is developing into a centre for digitalisation research. The entire spectrum of scientific expertise represented in Berlin, from computer science to the humanities, is being put to use. Berlin’s economy also benefits from this – both the established companies, which have to cope with massive changes, and the creative scene, which is making Berlin a booming start-up metropolis. The central component of the strategy is the Einstein Center for Digital Future, which combines the competence of four Berlin universities, two universities of applied sciences and eight non-academic research institutions. It was developed in cooperation with the state of Berlin and numerous companies and institutions. More than 50 new professorships have been funded to advance research in areas such as digital infrastructure, digital industry and services, and digital health. They can use synergies with the Weizenbaum Institute for the Networked Society, which is investigating the effects of digitalisation on society and providing recommendations for policymakers and business. More than 100 scientists from several universities and research institutions are collaborating in 20 interdisciplinary research groups on such topics as work environments, digital markets, education and social justice, and democracy and participation. The third pillar of the digitalisation strategy is the Fraunhofer Center for Digital Networking of the four Fraunhofer Institutes in Berlin. Its work focuses on the needs of Industry 4.0 and the development of practical solutions for the Smart City. Research is being conducted on basic and cross-sectional technologies as well as on solutions for four specific areas of application: telemedicine, mobility in the city of the future, industry and production, and critical infrastructures. Einstein Foundation Since 2009, the Einstein Foundation Berlin has been pursuing the goal of strengthening top research in Berlin. It supports cooperation between universities and non-academic research institutes, their international networking, and recruiting the best minds for Berlin. The innovative Einstein Centers are expanding research priorities and developing new ones, currently in the fields of catalysis research, applied mathematics, neurosciences, classical sciences, regenerative medicine and digitalisation. The humanoid robot Myon from the Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin. 15

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