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Berlin: Your Business Location

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6 Catalyst for ideas

6 Catalyst for ideas Startups are an important engine for innovation. Berlin sucks in startups from all over the world and spits out successful business models. This is also apparent to international corporate groups. For this reason, many make the move to Berlin in order to promote young businesses in their own incubators or partner programs and to profit from their ideas. The many startup centers offer plenty of room for networking and collaboration. Photo: hub:raum hub:raum. Deutsche Telekom started up its own incubator and accelerator in Berlin in 2012. Startups are supported with up to 300,000 euros. The program promotes young entrepreneurs from the telecommunications, internet and digital media industries. Factory. Supporters of the startup campus „Factory“ include Google with its „Google for Entrepreneurs“ program, and the Lufthansa INNOVATION HUB, where entrepreneurs from the mobility, travel, and entertainment industries can begin projects. Photo: Techstars Metro Photo: Microsoft Microsoft Ventures. The US software group Microsoft has also begun a funding program in Berlin. Companies and investors provide advice for young entrepreneurs in the four-month programs of the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator. Photo: Dominik Tryba Photo: Dominik Tryba Axel Springer Plug and Play. Several times a year, Axel Springer invites resourceful developers to its Plug and Play accelerator. Aside from a variety of workshops and coaching by experts, the young entrepreneurs are supported with startup financing of 25,000 euros. ProSiebenSat.1 Accelerator. The media company accelerates the development of startups from the consumer industry and provides supported startups with half a million euros for TV advertising.

Business Metropolis – Impulses 7 Photo: Factory Photo: German Tech Entrepreneurship Center openBerlin. The IT group Cisco is also interested in ideas from Berlin, in particular in the „Internet of Everything.“ German Tech Entrepreneurship Center (GTEC). Henkel and RWE have founded a startup center together with the European School of Management and Technology (ESMT) and further partners. Entrepreneurs from the infrastructure and technology industries find workplaces there, as well as professional consulting by employees of the DAX companies and the ESMT. Open Innovation Space. Initiated by the orthopedics technology corporation Ottobock and operated by the open digital fabrication studio Fab Lab Berlin, the Open Innovation Space provides use of workplaces and machines to individuals, groups and external development teams. Techstars Metro. In order to drive forward the digital transformation in the hotel and restaurant industry, the Metro Group together with the US accelerator Techstars has set up its own accelerator. Photo: Open Innovation Space Photo: openBerlin Photo: Peter Himsel mindbox. In the accelerator of Deutsche Bahn, entrepreneurs get to grips with big data, the Internet of Things, infrastructure and smart solutions. Startups get 25,000 euros and Deutsche Bahn gets inspiring ideas in return. Photo: Deutsche Bahn, picture Nass / Brauer 2015 CoLaborator. In the Bayer HealthCare incubator, startups can further develop their ideas, products and biotechnology platforms. :agile. The accelerator program from E.ON promotes business ideas related to the energy industry. Every quarter, between three and six startups and entrepreneurs are accepted and supported with coaching, workspaces and funding. Photo: :agile

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