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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2017

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TALK OF THE TOWN BERLIN – CITY O Innovation can be defined as the introduction of an original or advanced solution to a particular problem, especially the provision of a new product or the application of a new procedure. This staid dictionary definition describes a process that Berliners are pursuing every day in vibrant, bold and exciting ways. The countless fresh ideas for new products, services and processes being generated here are just as diverse as the creative minds behind them. In Berlin, these young professionals are turning ideas into success. CITY OF OPPORTUNITIES Roughly 40,000 new companies are founded in Berlin each year. Today, more than ever, it takes courage to start a company, pursue a vision and turn your dreams into reality. It’s a process full of hope and doubt, peppered with optimistic numbers and cold hard balance sheets. Some startups fail, some morph into that elusive, unicorn-like creature – the one that makes it. For founders, Berlin has a wealth of opportunities that offer intellectual freedom, space to grow, numerous supporters, pools of young talent and a culture of innovation that makes it possible to implement ideas. BERLIN ASSERTS ITS APPEAL Waltraud Wolf, Managing Director BBB BÜRG- SCHAFTSBANK Berlin, put it succinctly: “Berlin has again proven its unrelenting magnetic power. The 2017 BBB Founders Index confirms that Berlin maintained its position as Germany’s startup capital in 2016, reaching a figure of exactly 200.9, which equates to roughly 201 new companies founded per 10,000 economically active residents. Measured against the number of existing businesses in the energy supply sector, the hightech ICT sector and the “other economic services” category, Berlin showed a considerable surplus, thus underlining its appeal for tech-based startups. Photo: / phototechno 8

F INNOVATION Text: Simone Fendler WORKING SPACE Grafik: ixxx PRINTED FUTURE 3D printing is already old hat, right? Not at all! This fascinating technology is still in its infancy. From organs to automobiles, many items will be produced by printers in the future. As a production site with close ties between business and R&D institutes, Berlin is an ideal city for 3D printing technology. The 3D Print Network Berlin, which was co-initiated by Berlin Partner, brings together innovation drivers working in the realm stretching from applied research all the way to industrial applications in the region. Berlin has well over 100 co-working spaces. These fully equipped offices are a flexible and affordable alternative for founders, freelancers and beginners. In European comparison, Berlin is second only to London. Similar creative workspaces are offered by Berlin’s many hubs, labs and accelerators. Big players provide space, technical equipment and expert knowledge to young entrepreneurs looking to implement their innovative ideas. For example, Volkswagen develops agile software for the future of mobility at their Digital:Lab. The Techstars Metro Accelerator helps teams of international founders working on the digitization of the hospitality and retail sectors. And Cisco is opening an innovation center for the Internet of Things at the openBerlin Innovation Center on the Euref Campus. HEALTHY CONGRESS Everyone knows the Charité, Pfizer and Sanofi. But they are only three of over 21,000 enterprises working in the field of health care in the capital region. Indeed, the health care sector is an important pillar in the capital region’s economy, employing one in eight Berliners. The BIO Europe – the largest conference of its kind in the biotech and pharma industry – recently chose Berlin as the venue for its gathering in November, thus underscoring the capital’s excellent reputation as a leading city for R&D. 9

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