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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2017

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TOP IMAGE F BERLIN GOES WORLDWID A recent infratest dimap image survey confirms the capital has an excellent reputation across the globe Berlin enjoys a very good reputation worldwide. The German capital is in high demand as a place to live, work and do business, especially in China. International attitudes towards Berlin see it as an open city with a high quality of living as well as vast creativity and freedom. This was confirmed by the “Berlin Image 2017” survey carried out earlier this year by infratest dimap on behalf of Berlin Partner for the be Berlin city image campaign. The survey interviewed leaders drawn from the fields of business, science and art/culture in eight countries as well as Berlin residents themselves. Berlin is indeed in high demand, particularly in China. According to the survey, Berlin’s image there is rated almost entirely (97 %) as good or very good. But Berlin also has an excellent reputation among those surveyed in France, Great Britain, Japan, Poland, Spain, Russia and the United States. More than three-quarters of respondents from the eight countries rated the German capital’s reputation as very good (28 %) or good (50 %) across all sectors. In comparison to a 2007 study also commissioned by Berlin Partner, Berlin is now seen more clearly as an international city; indeed, that value rose by 14 percentage points to 34 %. Berlin also gained in standing as a business capital: 28% of respondents from China, France, Great Britain, Japan, Poland, Spain, Russia and the United States see Berlin as an important business location. In 2007, this number was still at 22%. And there’s yet another reason to be happy: 68% of international leaders and decision-makers picked Berlin as their first-choice city to relocate their company; this marks an increase of 27% over 2007. Also, more and more professionals working in business, science and culture all over the world can imagine living in Berlin (68%) and working here as well (71%). Ten years ago, these numbers were significantly less at 46 % (live) and 48% (work). Berlin not only has a great reputation abroad, it’s also held in high esteem here at home: according to the study, Berliners identify with their city to a considerable degree. Almost one-third of Berliners surveyed (31%) responded that they felt a very strong connection to the capital, with a further 46% feeling a strong connection. A good four-fifths of Berliners also stated that they feel very comfortable (38%) or comfortable (45%) here. In addition to factors such as “overall feel and atmosphere” and openness to the world, roughly one-fifth (17%) of respondents also assessed the individual opportunities Berlin offers its residents for development as positive. Among Berlin’s economic strengths were the city’s startups (62%), growth rate (39%), excellent science landscape (34%) as well as ideal educational and training opportunities (25%). 28

OR BERLIN E Motif of the be Berlin Initiative #FreiheitBerlin “The positive results of the Berlin Image 2017 study confirm the course taken by business development programs, such as the Start Alliance Berlin, which was set up in 2015 by Berlin Partner. This alliance offers startups from five partner cities, including Shanghai, the opportunity to test doing business on the European market. The survey also bears out the work of the be Berlin campaign, in particular its international appearances in cities such as New York, Tel Aviv, Paris, Moscow, Tokyo and Shanghai. Since 2008, these efforts have made it possible for Berlin to firmly position itself on the international stage based on its strengths, that is, as a great city to live in and as a future-oriented business location that offers many exciting opportunities,” says Dr. Stefan Franzke, Managing Director of Berlin Partner for Business and Technology. In September and October 2017, the capital will showcase its spirit in Brussels and Los Angeles as part of the sister-city anniversary celebrations. Invited guests will gather for an exchange on the concept of freedom. Indeed, the “Berlin Image 2017” study showed that Berlin stands internationally for freedom. The be Berlin campaign is now eager to emphasize this characteristic with its current initiative #FreiheitBerlin. 29

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