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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2017

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COFFEE TO GO A QUICK COFFEE TO GO Lukas Breitenbach meets IBB Board Chairman Jürgen Allerkamp MR. ALLERKAMP, YOU WERE NAMED SU- PERVISORY BOARD CHAIRMAN OF BERLIN PARTNER IN MAY. HOW ARE YOU EN- JOYING YOUR NEW JOB? Berlin Partner plays a very important and dynamic role in the city. I enjoy the teamwork and see it as a great and high-performance company. In the realm of technology, however, we need to better demonstrate how technological innovations can be made available to companies in Berlin. We can definitely do more in that area. But otherwise I’m very impressed with the smart and sustainable business development policy pursued by Berlin Partner. The company has done a great job for the advancement of the city. In this respect, my work brings me a lot of joy. A COMMON THEME AT BOTH BERLIN PART- NER AND IBB IS BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT AND PROMOTION. HOW DO THE TWO OR- GANIZATIONS DIFFER AND WHAT DO THEY HAVE IN COMMON? I see Berlin Partner as having strengths in the realm of assisting companies looking to establish a base in Berlin for the first time, but also assisting companies already operating here that are looking for new office or commercial space. Of course, they are also effective in promoting technological innovation. The IBB focuses on making sure companies receive financing, whether in the form of credits, equity or subsidies directly from Berlin business banks or in cooperation with them. In short, Berlin Partner handles non-monetary business promotion while the IBB handles financial business development. Both companies, the IBB and Berlin Partner, complement each other in an ideal way. INNOVATION AND INVESTMENT – HOW DO THE TWO WORK TOGETHER? We see ourselves as an innovation bank. Innovation is essential for the development of existing business concepts. We are ready help companies with our funding programs, many of which relate to digitization in the widest sense but also to technical innovation. In this sense, innovation and investment are much like siblings walking hand in hand. HANNOVER, DRESDEN AND DÜSSELDORF: HOW HAVE YOU EXPERIENCED INNOVATI- ON IN THE COURSE OF YOUR CAREER? It’s been exciting to be a part of several fundamental shifts in history. For example, I worked in Dresden in 1991, shortly after the Berlin Wall came down. There was an unbelievable dynamic in the economy, an enormous need for structural change, and it was great to see how people whose lives had just been changed dramatically were prepared to contribute to making a change. I believe Berlin has been seeing a similar dynamic for many years now. There is a similarly strong will to foster change in the business and entrepreneurial areas. We see this in particular in the startup scene. We also see it in existing companies that have to constantly adapt time and again. I believe it’s almost impossible to compare the Berlin of today with the Berlin of ten or 15 years ago. TAKING A LOOK AT THE FUTURE, DO YOU BELIEVE THAT TODAY’S BERLIN CAN BE COMPARED TO THE BERLIN THAT WILL EXIST IN TEN TO 15 YEARS? We should make a date to meet again at that point and see! But seriously, it’s very hard to 26

say. What is for certain is that Berlin is going to change enormously, indeed dramatically, in a positive sense. I also believe that the rate of change will continue. And I believe in particular that the process of digitization will act as fuel for this dynamic. In this sense, I’m absolutely convinced that Berlin will continue to prosper, that the momentum will continue, that there will be further economic success stories, and that we will see significant job creation over the next three, four, five years. Whether that’s still the case in 20 years, no one can say. ABOUT THE IBB: 2004 spun off from the Landesbank Berlin, made into an independent bank Investitionsbank Berlin Balance sheet total in 2016: €17.979 billion Employees in 2016: 628 Support for business in 2016 (grants and loans): €837.1 million Real estate and urban development in 2016 (grants and loans): €889.8 million Photo: berlin-event-foto / Peter-Paul Weiler Jürgen Allerkamp Jürgen Allerkamp has been Board Chairman at Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) since January 1st, 2015. He completed his studies in law and political science at universities in Göttingen, Lausanne and Münster and went on to receive his Dr. jur. at the University of Bonn. Allerkamp became legal advisor at the Westdeutsche Landesbank in Düsseldorf before going on to a number of positions on the boards of the Stadtsparkasse Dresden and the Norddeutsche Landesbank in Hannover. After that, he became Board Chairman of the Deutsche Hypothekenbank AG (Hannover), before moving over to the IBB. Allerkamp has been Supervisory Board Chairman of Berlin Partner since May 2017. 27

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