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Berlin to go, english edition, 03/2017

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TALK OF THE TOWN SUMOLIGHT SPOTLIGHTS VIPS What do Steven Spielberg and Sumolight GmbH have in common? When it comes to lighting, neither will settle for anything but the best! Berlin’s Sumolight is a specialist in the field and has been developing, producing, leasing and selling high-end LED spotlights for use in film and TV since 2011. They even caught the eye of Hollywood; indeed, it was Sumolight that shed the right light on Tom Hanks in Spielberg’s thriller “Bridge of Spies.” The Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB) played an indirect role in the company’s success: “With the help of a loan of over €300,000 from the ‘Berlin Innovativ’ program in 2017, we were able to invest successfully in R&D and pre-finance our inventory,” notes Sumolight Managing Director Tim Zur. 16 CROSSTEC DESIGN SOLUTION – INNOVATIVE INTERIOR DESIGN With its great view over Kurfürstendamm Boulevard, the CROSSTEC Group office in the Kranzler Eck is indeed located in the perfect spot amid luxury boutiques and noble shopping centers. In other words, this specialist for custom-made furniture, shop design and interior design solutions for jewelers, fashion designers, department stores, offices, hotels and museums is in the good company of its best clients. For almost 20 years now, CROSSTEC has worked for numerous global luxury brands. In addition offices in Hong Kong, they are currently developing their Berlin location as a second design center to serve the European market. “A large number of our orders come from the headquarters of luxury companies in Paris, London and Geneva. But for us, Berlin is the ideal location, the innovative center of Europe,” says CROS- STEC founder Sandi Lee. DONGXII.COM – DIGITAL MARKET ACCESS TO CHINA Efforts to internationalize one’s business to include China can bring sustainable growth potential for product manufacturers. And yet, entering the market in China is usually expensive and difficult, which often discourages small and medium-sized enterprises. is a platform founded in 2016 that offers straightforward opportunities to garner attention for your brand in China. DONGXii takes over all the necessary processes, such as cross-border payments, international logistics, customs clearance and customer service, and makes market entry simple and cost-effective. Vendors introduce their products and advertise them among their exact target groups via China’s social media and digital channels, thus also gathering experience selling their wares to the world’s largest growing middle class. More than 50 European brands are already using the platform to test the market. This year, the DONGXii app was named an “Ausgezeichneter Ort” (“Selected Landmark”) as part of the German program known as “Ausgezeichnete Orte im Land der Ideen” (“Selected Landmarks in the Land of Ideas”).

[J]KAREF GMBH – VISUAL LANGUAGE IN THE NAME OF SCIENCE [j]karef has been developing hardware and software systems that acquire, analyze, sort and distribute information and scientific content in a semantic manner since 1995. With the help of funding from the IT program known as “KMU innovativ IKT” organized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), the company carries out research as part of the Simple Anno project on the development of software that uses a semi-automatic assistance system to provide images from medical case reports with extensive metadata. Indeed, what is depicted in images is not always fully represented in the metadata. This lack of this information leads to medical images not being classified properly or used to their full potential. With Simple Anno, this information can be added easily and used for several purposes, including as the basis for e-Learning concepts, as a support system for decision-making in the medical treatment process, as new publication models for publishers and research into rare diseases. HOLOPLOT – GOOD SOUND WELL RECEIVED With its innovative speaker system, HOLOPLOT is well on its way to revolutionizing the audio market. Founded in Berlin in 2011, the company underwent a long development phase and is now on the verge of market readiness. The 10-person team has developed a loudspeaker system that pushes the very limits of sound reproduction. A unique combination of hard and software enables sound to be aligned like a light beam. This makes it possible to “play” different groups with entirely different content in one room and thus to create 3D sound spaces. Thanks to HOLOPLOT sound waves, volume and sound quality remain very constant over large distances. This opens up a broad field of potential applications, for example, for train stations, tradeshows, concerts and sound reinforcement in any environment with difficult acoustics. HOLOPLOT already received the Interactive Innovation Award for their development at SXSW, the world’s largest technology and digital conference in Texas. BS PAYONE – CASHLESS PAYMENT WORLDWIDE BS PAYONE offers business solutions for the automated and holistic processing of all payment processes. This full-service payment service provider serves more than 255,000 customers from a variety of industries in the realm of cashless payment transactions – whether at the PoS, in e-Commerce processing or in the rapidly growing segment of mobile payment. In July, BS PAYONE opened a new office in the Mädlerhaus on Friedrichstraße in Berlin-Mitte. The leading omni-channel payment provider in Europe employs computer scientists, product managers, customer advisors and sales professionals. The company chose Berlin because this is where digital trends are being set for the future of payment, so it’s only fitting that the largest European payment solution specialist should be here too. 17

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