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Berlin to go, english edition, 02/2018

EDITORIAL Home advantage

EDITORIAL Home advantage Berlin DEAR READERS & SPORTS ENTHUSIASTS, Berlin is the sportiest city in Germany. Roughly 83% of Berliners engage in sports and other forms of exercise on a regular basis, and more than half a million of them are members of sports clubs or associations. On average, Berliners devote 4.3 hours each week to sports. They run, bike and play soccer at sites throughout the city, including various gymnasiums and fields, but also in Berlin’s many natural parks, forests, lakes and rivers. Sports are not only good for athletes; they’re also great for the city. With an annual turnover of more than €1 billion, the sports sector has emerged as a key economic factor in Berlin. Today, almost 20,000 individuals are employed at roughly 3,000 companies active in the sports industry. Conversely, many sports associations receive financial backing from Berlin-based companies. In other words, Berlin and sports make a great team. This summer, as Berliners continue to pursue their favorite sports regimens, many of them will also be enjoying watching other athletes perform, for example at the Soccer World Cup in Russia and the European Track & Field Championships in Berlin. For this reason, we decided to devote the latest issue of Berlin to go to the theme of sports. In this issue, we take a look at sports from a number of unique perspectives, such as the connection of humans to technology (page 18), the festival “LAUFEN.SPRINGEN.WERFEN” associated with this year’s European Athletics Championships in Berlin (page 10) and the new and exciting world of e-sports (page 28) – to name just a few. 365 days of top-class sports, 3.5 million sport fans. Because anything goes in Berlin. I hope you enjoy reading our sportiest issue ever! Sincerely, Dr. Stefan Franzke CEO, Berlin Partner #FreiheitBerlin Sports Metropolis Photo: Drepicter /, Illustration Dr. Franzke: Till Schermer 3

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