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Berlin to go, english edition, 01/2019

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RECOMMENDATIONS CULTURE TIPS FROM ARTS AND CRAFTS TO BAUHAUS To put an end to the myths and platitudes associated with the concept of “Bauhaus”– this is the stated goal of a new exhibition at the Bröhan Museum. In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Bauhaus School, the exhibition “From Arts and Crafts to the Bauhaus. Art and Design – A New Unity!” impressively showcases the Bauhaus’ development based on 300 exhibition pieces: from paintings and furniture to ceramics and graphic designs. There will also be a comprehensive accompanying program, including such things as free public tours, up until May 5, 2019. THEATERTREFFEN DER JUGEND The Theatertreffen der Jugend is a gathering of youth theater productions that sees itself as a place for learning and strengthening individual forms of expression. Launched way back in 1980, this year will once again see remarkable productions presented by young ensembles, all of them winners of a nationwide competition. During the eight-day festival from May 24th to June 1st, the youth theater groups will present their shows at the Haus der Berliner Festspiele alongside a diverse support program. BLUE MAN NEWS The team behind the Blue Man Group at Potsdamer Platz is gearing up to make the connection between audiences and the Blue Men even more intense and full of surprises. Their latest program will merge music, comedy, art and science into an original mix that will nevertheless remain true to the group’s now 15-year run in Berlin. “From now on, as soon as they enter the Stage Bluemax Theater, visitors will experience an even more intense blurring of the boundaries between stage and audience space,” the organizers promise. Photos: © broehan-museum, © Burkhard Peter, ©Stage Entertainment, © camera photo arte snc, © Museum Barberini 32

RENAISSANCE MASTERS Many consider it to be one of the most fruitful artistic friendships of the Renaissance era: the relationship between Andrea Mantegna (1431 – 1506) and Giovanni Bellini (1435 – 1516). This new special exhibition organized by Berlin’s Gemäldegalerie and London’s National Gallery in cooperation with the British Museum brings the works of both artists together for the first time to showcase in detail their mutual influence: Mantegna showed Bellini the world of antique art, while Bellini influenced Mantegna with his soft, idiosyncratic painting style. Visitors can expect to see new constellations and exciting juxtapositions involving roughly 100 works. At the Gemäldegalerie until June 30, 2019. mantegna-und-bellini.html PICASSO’S LATE WORK Potsdam’s Museum Barberini is already anticipating a surge of visitors: until June 16, it is presenting an exhibition titled “Picasso. The Late Work. From the Collection of Jacqueline Picasso” featuring 132 pieces that have only rarely been shown in public, including many that will be on display in Germany for the first time. All the loans are drawn from the collection of Jacqueline Picasso, the artist’s second and last wife. In the past two decades of his life, Picasso produced more portraits of his wife Jacqueline than of any other model. The works show just how innovative Picasso remained until the end of his life. THE ELLINGTON „FREE PIANO‘‘ SATURDAY, 30.03., 27.04., 25.05., 29.06. AND 27.07.2019 | 3PM TO 6PM You are invited to play the ELLINGTON “Free Piano” in our DUKE Lounge. All you need: yourself and your talent! Or simply relax with coffee, cake, drinks and snacks and listen to some great undiscovered artists. THE ELLINGTON JAZZ BAR EVERY FRIDAY | 8PM TO 11PM Enjoy relaxed conversations, our cocktails or a glass of wine with friends and ring in the weekend. Plus great live jazz presented by JazzRadio 106.8! No seat reservation required – free admission. WWW.ELLINGTON-HOTEL.COM/EVENTSCALENDAR

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